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Distilling workshops are designed for those who love essential oils and hydrosols and would like to know more about them; how they are extracted, and how to use oils and hydrosols in daily life.

Workshops are held on the rosemary farm where we will go through the process together from harvesting to bottling.

Rosemary flower

One-day workshops

Designed for fun and as an immersion in the craft of distilling and aromas. Suitable for groups of between 3 to 5 people. Organise your group or contact Bridget if you would like to join with others.

Bring something to share for lunch and I will have tea, coffee and cold drinks.

Take home 100ml of hydrosol and a vial or essential oil.

Price: $600 per group.

Available dates ( two months in advance)

July: 19, 22

August: 10, 11, 20,23

Rose Geranium

Two-day workshops

Designed for those wanting to distil at home. This is an in-depth one-on-one workshop. We will cover types of stills and equipment choices. Then do two distillations from start to finish. The days can be customised to meet your needs and focus spent on particular areas as identified. If you have a particular plant that you want to work with please contact me to discuss. The aim is for you to have the confidence and knowledge to set up your own still.

Contact to discuss your interests and potential dates.

Maximum of two people.

Price: $1000 per group.




Accommodation can be provided on site for up to 3 people. Please contact me for more information.