"To distil is to concentrate and purify, to extract the essence of"

Australian Grown & Distilled

Pure organic farming of rosemary and rose geranium in the rolling hills of South Gippsland, Victoria to produce high grade essential oils and hydrosols. Plants are steam distilled in traditional copper stills drawing on ancient practises and knowledge to create exquisite Verbenone rich Rosemary  essential oil and mist and a codistillation of Rosemary with 30% Rose Geranium producing essential oil and mist. The codistillation brings together the complimentary qualities of these two plants.


Hi my name is Bridget and I am the grower and distiller at ReDistil. I studied aromatheraphy in Melbourne in the 1990's. I am also an architect and an artist.

My passion lies in making places, environments and objects that continuously connect us to the natural world and remind us of the richness of this symbiotic relationship.

I grow and distil as I find it grounding for myself and it helps me feel connected and part of the ecological world. I am passionate about good quality oils and hydrosols. I share what I know through workshops as I would love to see many more oils of good quality aromatherapy products produced in Australia.

I collect clay on the farm to make the necessary tools for daily life, mugs and bowls. I use wood from the trees in building and wool from the alpacas for keeping warm, whilst they also fertilise the rosemary and rose geranium.

My dream is to live simply in constant conversation with the elements and to continue to learn and experiment.

"Re is for remembering; to take care of yourself and allowing yourself the time to reflect, revive, re-energise, reconnect. Thereby being able to care for others."

I would like to acknowledge the Gunaikurnai and the Wurundjeri Peoples of the Kulin Nation, on whose land I live, work, and play. I pay my respects to all First nations peoples across the country and to continuing to work towards embedding the Uluru Statement from the Heart in the hearts of all Australians.